Friday, October 26, 2012

Google Docs

The use of Google Docs as a collaborative tool was extremely effective. This was my first experience with Google Docs besides the "Getting to Know You" survey. At first I was a little hesitant on how it would all come together, but the document itself is set up so efficiently that it was easy to collaborate with my classmates. I loved that you could click on "see revision history" and the parts that my peers added would hi light in different colors. It displayed all the dates that revisions were made; which made it unique in that you could see the progression of the document over time.
                The actual content of what was in the document (the response to the article) really opened my eyes to my peers perspective. Although we all read the same article there were many points that I didn't pick up on that my peers did. My comprehension of the information increased due to their interpretation of the text. In the realization of this all it became very evident to me that Google Docs is a great tool to use in the classroom! Students need to gain knowledge of their peers work. They need to learn how to collaborate and work with others. Collaboration was never stressed in my high school and since entering into the Exceptional Education Department at Buffalo State I've had to collaborate with my peers often. I can honestly say that collaboration has not only made me a better student, but a better person as a whole. Children need to learn how to express themselves to others and also give room for others to express themselves in return. We need to seek to understand than to be understood. Learning is often most effective when you are growing with those around you. Google Docs provides a great way for students to work together and enlighten each other with knowledge that may have otherwise been missed.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head that we can "gain knowledge from our peers' work". That is the idea behind collaboration. Everyone's perspective and background knowledge is different, so one response from multiple people can really be eye opening.

    I'm glad you found Google Docs useful as a collaborative tool. Hopefully you will find more uses for it in the future with your own students.