Monday, September 24, 2012 2.0 Web Tool is a Web 2.0 tool that takes screenshots of a web page, that can then be embedded into a blog and it can also be saved when you create an account. allows you to add a bookmark on your tool bar, this gives you easy access to take screenshots. A new application that has recently been added to the tool, is the use of adding personal notes to your clippings. Your clippings remain active and at any time, they can bring you back to the original site.  You can also search other users clippings on specific information.
I really liked this Web 2.0 tool because I know that I have always struggled with keeping my bookmarks organized and remembering what sites said what. I think can be used to keep students organized when doing research, or just searching the web for things that interest them. would be an effective way of enhancing your classroom blogs, and making research more interesting. I believe it would be extremely effective for students with disabilities, for the mere fact that it increases organization and allows information to be found easily. Many students with disabilities need more than just written words to recall information; this is why the use of the screenshot can be helpful to remember what the webpage looks like. I would use this tool in the classroom, when doing research and classroom discussions on blogger, as you can post right from to many blogging and social networking sites.
Here is a simple example of a clipping I created:!1odsI
Here is the link to the site: 

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  1. This is a new tool for me. I'm so glad you "clipped" that Buffalo News article. I meant to include it and share with the class and I totally forgot! Isn't that amazing!

    It is sort of like your very own "pinterest" but you decide what photos or what part of the website to clip. Great tool. I like the idea that it incorporates the visual strength of some students to aid in recall.